Here is what some of our students have had to say about our courses:

“Trainer was very experienced, knowledgeable. Very approachable and thorough training to whole group” – Assistant course, October 2020

“Good content, hands on was good” – Drain course, September 2020

“I enjoyed the course, assessor spoke clearly and gave good information” – Drain course, July 2020

“Thanks to Brett for making the course very interesting over the 2 day period (not boring)” – Operator course, June 2020

“I learnt more than I expected I would” – Operator course, March 2020

“Very interesting course and very professional assessors – thank you!” – Assistant course, January, 2020

“Course was well presented and covered all areas that are required for job at hand” – Drain cleaning course, May 2019

“The course was very in depth and knowledgeable” – Operator course, March 2019

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course and appreciated Howard’s patience to simplify when explaining” – Assistant course, August 2018

“Trainer knowledge was excellent” – Assistant course, August 2018

“Clean and safe training environment” – Operator course, June 2018

“Good mix of theory and practical” – Assistant course, January 2018