Safe use of Class “A” Pressure Cleaners (Non-Accredited)

Description: The Class “A” training course is a non-accredited course that has been developed through a process of consultation with industry and it is reflective of industry needs. In December 2013 the latest revision to AS 4233 1&2 was released. Section 7 Operational Training, has had considerable changes which now mandates specific High Pressure Water jetting Training. See below extract:
All operators shall be appropriately trained and assessed as competent for Class A pressure water jetting operations. Training specific to pressure water jetting operations shall include the following areas:
a) Class A system operation, potential dangers, problems and emergency actions to be taken should the equipment fail or malfunction.
b) Application of pressurized water including set up, barricading and operation.
c) Device and emergency stop controls.
d) Hose and equipment pre-start inspections.
e) Personal protective equipment applicable.

The course is made up of 50% theory and 50% practical instruction.
Outcomes: Certificate of Attendance for Safe use of Class “A” Pressure Cleaners
Admission Criteria: There are no admission requirements for this course.
Progression: N/A
Duration: 4.5 hours
Location: All-Ways Training Services, 16 Redemptora Road, Henderson, WA 6166 or 2/28 Bluett Drive, Smeaton Grange, NSW 2567.. Upon arrangement, also available at suitable client sites Australia wide.
Mode of delivery: This course is delivered face-to-face and contains Theory & Practical components.
Third-Party Training: Please note that training is carried out on behalf of All-Ways Training Services by WOMA (Australia) Pty Ltd. All-Ways Training Services is responsible for the quality of training and the issuing of Certificate of Attendance. WOMA can be contacted on (08) 9434 6622, or at 16 Redemptora Road, Henderson, WA 6166.

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